PeeWee Ackerman



Erin Ackerman

Hi my name is Erin Ackerman, informally known as “PeeWee”. I come from a hair family and have been an artist for, well, my life as I know it. My close friends and I decided with the skill and experience between us to start this business to make you beautiful wherever you are. No need to come to us, lets cut the stress. I specialize in French Balayage, cut, and color, graduated with honors and have taken extensive hair styling and updo classes as well as color makeup and skin care. As a licensed cosmetologist I excell in all areas of beauty. I see whats basic, but I don’t do basic (unless you tell me too J ) I will make you beautiful anyway. Along with your help and input, because as far as I’m aware this is a 2 way street, you and me. You tell me what you want and I go beyond standard.