About the Beauty Crew

Shelly Shi - Esthetician

Shelly has been practicing esthetics and makeup artistry for 13 years. Since moving to the beach in 1996, Shelly has found her niche in the beauty industry. Shelly's years of experience in the industry has helped her develop an artistic eye and attention to detail.

Her makeup has been featured in several publications for bridal, editorial and styled shoots. Whether it’s a wedding or a special event, Shelly loves to work with her clients to achieve that perfect look!

Shelly also offers facials, waxing and spray tans for all occasions. Practicing esthetics in the salon and as a freelance makeup artist, she understands the importance of the health of your skin leading to a flawless makeup application. She regularly attends classes and workshops to stay current on new trends and treatments for makeup and skincare.

Lindsay Webb - Stylist

“It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.” Unknown

Growing up outside of Atlanta, Lindsay has always had a love and interest in the hair and makeup industry. She has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2004 and loves to share her knowledge with her clients. Lindsay specializes in color, balayage and cutting.

Education is Lindsay’s number one love. She loves to learn about anything and everything that has to do with this ever evolving industry. Training and education courses are a top priority to ensure her craft remains current and up to date.

Let’s get this beautiful journey started.

Erin Dineen - Stylist

Erin Ackerman - Stylist

Hi my name is Erin Ackerman, informally known as “PeeWee”. I come from a hair family and have been an artist for, well, my life as I know it. My close friends and I decided with the skill and experience between us to start this business to make you beautiful wherever you are. No need to come to us, lets cut the stress.

I specialize in French Balayage, cut, and color, graduated with honors and have taken extensive hair styling and updo classes as well as color makeup and skin care. As a licensed cosmetologist I excel in all areas of beauty. I see whats basic, but I don’t do basic (unless you tell me too J ) I will make you beautiful anyway. Along with your help and input, because as far as I’m aware this is a 2 way street, you and me. You tell me what you want and I go beyond standard.

Erin Miller - Stylist